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Jelly Haven, where the thrill of dodging meteors meets the excitement of collecting gems in outer space. In this captivating action-arcade HTML5 game, you take control of a playful jellyfish navigating through the cosmos. Your mission is to gather shiny gems while avoiding the perils of space, including meteors and rockets, which threaten your survival at every turn.

As you advance in Jelly Haven, the game's pace accelerates, adding to the exhilaration. To aid your journey and enhance your abilities, you can purchase upgrades from the in-game store. These enhancements are crucial as they allow you to survive longer and score higher, making each playthrough increasingly thrilling. With its straightforward gameplay mechanics, Jelly Haven is accessible yet challenging, providing a satisfying experience for players of all skill levels.

Moreover, Jelly Haven is not only fun but also widely accessible, as it has been translated into 9 different languages: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Romanian. This broad range of language support ensures that players from various parts of the world can enjoy the game in their native or preferred languages, enhancing the gaming experience and making Jelly Haven a global favorite.

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