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Miniature Monkey Market

Welcome to Miniature Monkey Market, a charming and innovative simulation game where you manage a grocery store specifically designed for monkeys. This delightful venture starts with a simple yet crucial task: growing bananas, the favorite food of your primate patrons. As the bananas ripen, you collect them and display them on your store counters, ready for the bustling business brought by your eager monkey customers. But bananas aren't the only product on your shelves. You also need to care for chickens, feeding them bananas to produce eggs, which you then sell at your market.

The gameplay deepens as you reinvest your earnings into diversifying your product offerings. With the money saved, you begin to produce and sell processed goods such as banana puree, canned food, flour, bread, and milk. Each addition to your inventory not only boosts your sales but also enhances the shopping experience for your clientele, making your market a one-stop-shop for all their grocery needs. Immerse yourself in the most enjoyable shopping adventure where management skills and strategic planning meet playful fun.

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Miniature Monkey Market invites you into a world where the simple act of buying and selling is just the beginning. As you expand your market, cater to the unique needs of your monkey customers, and explore the interconnectedness of production and retail, you’ll not only build a business but also enjoy every step of the journey in this engaging simulation game.

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