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Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle

Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle offers a thrilling twist on the classic Ragdoll gaming experience. Step into a world of challenging puzzles and physics-based mayhem with Poly, our fearless protagonist. Your mission: safely guide Poly to the ground while navigating a series of brain-teasing puzzles.

This unique blend of funny ragdoll antics and brain-teasing puzzles guarantees hours of entertainment. Prepare to be captivated by the dynamic physics that makes every move a hilarious adventure. Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle combines the charm of old ragdoll games with the brutality of bloody ragdoll games, delivering an unforgettable gaming experience.

With simple controls, you'll effortlessly interact with various objects, each with its unique impact on Poly's journey. Expect a rollercoaster of emotions as you attempt to lower Poly to the ground while minimizing damage. The choice is yours whether you control Poly with on-screen buttons or keyboard keys.

Embark on a challenging escape room puzzle adventure that will test your wit and creativity. Dive into the world of Puppetman and immerse yourself in escape simulator puzzles galore. Get ready for an egg-citing journey through a series of crazy ragdoll challenges that will leave you laughing and strategizing in equal measure.

If you're a fan of funny ragdoll games and want to experience the best in ragdoll physics combined with logic puzzles, Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle is your ticket to gaming excitement. Prepare to escape into a world of hilarity and adventure, where every move counts in this thrilling ragdoll puzzle game.

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